Pol’ Atteu And Patrik Simpson, Stars Of ‘gown And Out In Beverly Hills’ Go Global On Amazon Prime Video Worldwide!

Beverly Hills celebrity fashion designers, Pol Atteu and partner, Patrik Simpson have taken over the fashion world, with their award-winning hit show, Gown and Out in Beverly Hills, now streaming season one on Amazon Prime Video worldwide, with filming just beginning for season two. This entertaining power couple and veterans in the fashion world and […]

Pride Of Lecce: Hollywood’s Hidden Gem

SOARING HIGH WITH FIDES By: MARY ANTOINETTE CENIZA Christian Cordella is one of Hollywood’s in-demand character and costume designers in today’s mainstream entertainment industry. I interviewed him to learn more about his upbringing and what helped him accomplish excellence in his chosen field. We also talked about their family-run Istituto Cordella International Fashion School and […]


By: Naiia Lajoie The word shail – though not recognized by Merriam-Webster – has multiple definitions according to online resources: Wiktionary describes it as “walking sideways” while UrbanDictionary.com defines it as “An extremely kind and caring person who is willing to go out of their way to help you”. Switching cultural gears, the closest Hindi […]

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves recently memorialized his presence and influence in the film industry marked by numerous blockbusters by imprinting his hand and footprints at the TCL Chinese Theater. This elevates Reeves to the level of Hollywood legends both past and present. At 54 years old his extensive list of blockbusters includes “Speed,” the “Matrix” trilogy, and […]

Take The Bull By The Horna: Enrique Horna, Head On

Like so many before him, Enrique’s pursuit of happiness begins humbly abroad. Originally from the bustling metropolis of Lima, Peru, where he completed his high school education, Enrique elected to relocate to the United States. With the counsel of his parents, he attended Florida International University in Miami to pursue a degree in computer engineering. […]

Great People do Great Things: Welcome to the world of Rudy Munoz!

There is nothing ordinary about Rudy Munoz. Simply put: Great people do great things! If your heart is dedicated to the better good of all people, this attribute automatically transfers to your work, your friends, and your family. People possessing this divine gift bring in a new dimension to a purpose driven life. In a […]

The Fairytale Of Rupak Chatterjee

Everyone is chattering about Chatterjee – Chatterjee Productions that is. But before we get into the logistics of a production company startup – let alone one that is trying to bridge a cultural gap between East meets West – let us first start at the beginning; the humble beginnings of a man from India. Rupak […]